At the beginning of last century, my grandfather comes from his hometown Munsterbilzen, Limburg, with his brothers and settled in the region of Ans. They grow their crops of vegetables and flowers, they sell on Government Procurement,
My grandmother lives in Roture and provided with its large basket, take the boat to fly to go on the market of Seraing,
On this same market that my grandparents will realize their attraction,
So they will jointly develop the trade of my grandfather by adding to the sale of seeds.
All seeds come loose and are carried in bags by their care,
The very freshest and best varieties have always been our priorities.
My grandfather returned to his hometown and will contribute to its development into 'flower village' by providing for a population rather unhappy at the time, labor, first directly to him, then parallel, by exerting an activity similar to its own public procurement.
My parents will take over in the 60s. The abundant blond hair of my mother goes, with the arrival of Italian immigrants, give the name to this quality, because the Italian immigrants, gardening enthusiasts will swear more than in plants and seeds in 'The Bionda ',
To meet this new Italian clients, my parents will go to Italy and imported seeds 'Franchi' in Belgium, to the delight of these new customers.
Since the early 70's, we work with the Italian company 'Sementi Franchi', which we have good reputation by selling high quality seeds and the first freshness all these years in the region Liege.
Serious of all homes that sold quality seeds, none survived, We are the only survivors of a species of endangered shopping but still only by the quality and freshness of its products.
Globalization encourage large companies such as' Franchi Sementi to develop. Goods move from one country to another and unscrupulous traders, not having the same standards of quality and freshness that we could enjoy this work more than forty years to build a reputation for quality seed Franchi in order to fool a customer already convinced!!
To counter evil, we decided to create our label 'La Bionda'.
We continue to work with the 'Franchi Sementi' but our label 'La Bionda' continue to guarantee the best seed varieties, and the first freshness of our seeds from whatever source,

'La Bionda is your guarantee for quality seeds, very fresh.